Town of Bolton Septic Inspection Law in effect September 1, 2019

The Town of Bolton recently passed a local law requiring the inspection of a septic system upon the transfer or sale of a property. The law went into effect on September 1st, 2019, and unlike the recently passed law in Queensbury, the Bolton law encompasses all properties in the town, not just the lakefront. Inspections are good for three years. The ordinance also allows for preexisting, non-conforming systems to remain if they pass inspection. If it’s failing, the town will require the system be updated. The cost of the inspection will be the burden of the seller, unless the parties work out another arrangement.

In order to assist with compliance, the Town of Bolton has created the “Bolton Septic Inspection Program” booklet.   It includes the law, all required forms, Certified Haulers list, and a Certified Inspectors list for those who requested to be on our list. 

Where can I find the Bolton Septic Inspection Program Booklet?

The Bolton Septic Inspection Program booklet may be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Click here for the Bolton Septic Inspection Program Booklet

You may also find the booklet on the Town website, in three separate locations.  It is listed under Public Notices, in the right hand column of the Town Ordinances page, and under the Planning tab.  A hard copy of the booklet is also available from the Bolton Planning Office for a $10 fee.